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Move Om is a Pilates and Yoga Studio that offers Private and group classes. Our goal is to guide you through a healthy journey to your stronger and happier self.


We offer a different range of Pilates group classes using the Allegro2 Reformer, the Tower and the mat extension, providing a greater variety of exercises we can do in class. 


Move Om is a beautiful Eco-friendly venue where we care about you as well as the planet. All the hand-made recycled furnitures and natural products we use provide a calming and comfortable atmosphere.


Our sessions are small in numbers with maximum of 6 people per class, so you still get the attention you deserve. We also offer, Private and Corporate Pilates & Yoga Classes where one of our amazing instructors will go to you to attend to all your needs. 


Step out of the rush of your everyday and come to flow with us!


The classes flow with the assistance of the breath, helping you to be aware of your body and tune in with yourself.


• Reformer flow
• the Tower of power
• Jump!
• Stretch & Restore

If you are new to Pilates, no worries. Pilates is for everyone. Whether you are a male, female, young, mature aged, fit, overweight, underweight, injury-prone or a professional athlete, Pilates is for you. It’s a magical method you can practice everyday. It also complements other activities very well. It is perfect to enhance athletes performance and for rehabilitating those with injuries, as well as anyone wishing to move their body and improve their health.

Reformer Flow

This is an open level Reformer class that flows seamlessly from intense strength exercises to dynamic movements that stretch your body. You’ll feel lengthened and toned from head to toe. Ideal for those wanting an amazing full body workout.


The Tower of Power

At first glance it looks like a medieval torture device, but fear not! The Tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments - a roll-down bar, arm springs and push-through bar to provide a full body workout. It lets you target legs, arms, bottom or any part of your body, while still using your core. It is a total body strengthening workout without stress on your joints.



Jump board is an open level high intensity low impact cardio Pilates class. You have to try this class for yourself to experience the amazing cardio, strenght, stamina and alignment benefits the jump board will bring to your week. 


Stretch & Restore

Utilizing the reformer springs resistance, this class will take you through dynamic stretches that will increase flexibility and joint mobility. Beginning with a light warm up, the class will flow into slow and deep stretches. Slow down, reconnect and begin to feel space, freedom of movement and fluidity in your body and mind.


• Hatha yoga

• Ashtanga yoga

• Vinyasa

• Meditation


Low Pressure Fitness

Did you always want to experience Yoga but never got on to a mat? We offer traditional Yoga classes from gentle to flow paces, as well as meditation and breathing techniques. Yoga gives you the inner power to live life fully.


The breath control, or pranayama is used to promote concentration and improve vitality. Come to try the Move Om Signature Class where we have pilates/ yoga/ breathing techniques and meditation. The perfect combination of body, mind and spirit.


This technique promotes a miofascial mobilisation, production of collagen and fibroblasts, which helps tissue recovery after injuries. Surgeries, diastasic, abdominal disfunction and pelvic floor imbalance. It can also be used to prevent all of these conditions. 

During the abdominal vacuum, occurs a stretching of the diaphragm, activation of deep abdominal muscles and vital organs are repositioned, helping to release the distress in the pelvic floor, lower back pain and improving posture.


For Private sessions, please contact us hello@moveom.com.au

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At MOVE OM, we offer Private 1:1 sessions to attend all your specific needs.The classes are tailored just for you & your goals. Privates are great for injury rehabilitation & prevention, clients with special conditions, or perhaps you want to take your Pilates practice to the next level and try some more advanced repertoire.


We offer a different range of Pilates group classes using the Allegro2 Reformer, the Tower and the mat extension,  providing a greater variety of exercises we can do in class. Our sessions are small in numbers so you still get the attention you deserve and the fun is guaranteed!


It is an important part 

of a modern company’s 

wellness program.

Having a break at work to exercise or meditate has a positive impact in the office staff both physically and mentally.


It reduces stress

Better inter-staff relations

Improve customer service

Higher productivity

Decreased absenteeism 


“I began taking the yoga classes with Mariana after extensive ankle surgery which left me comparatively sedentary. After a quick chat about what my restrictions are, Mariana was fabulous at showing me modifications for the poses and this allowed me to progress in my rehabilitation as well as restart my yoga journey. I return to my desk feeling refreshed and energised.” 


– Jayne Horton (Wesfarmers Ltd)

“Mariana’s lunchtime corporate yoga classes are a great way to stop and take a break from my busy work day. Mariana is a fantastic yoga instructor. She is highly skilled at yoga herself, is able to tailor her sessions to a range of different experience levels and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her pupils. I leave Mariana’s classes feeling like I have had a great workout, and I’ve gone back to work feeling calm, focussed and ready to take on the afternoon ahead. Thanks Mariana!”

– Gemma Pugliese (Wesfarmers Ltd)

“Mariana is a sensitive yoga teacher who brings a beautiful calmness to our class - her lunchtime yoga sessions provide the perfect way to reset in the midst of a busy day. She really encourages everyone to find their own level and to try a little more with each session.  I especially enjoy the silent relaxation at the end of the class and return to work much more relaxed and with increased energy levels.”

– Chris Dargie (Wesfarmers Ltd)


Pilates & Yoga Instructor / Studio Owner

I’m passionate Pilates and Yoga instructor, wife, mother of two beautiful children and lover of the great outdoors. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion and connection to exercise, one of my favorite childhood memories is going to swimming lessons with my parents as young as 3! Since then I knew my journey would always involve movement. I was instantly drawn to the practice of yoga and spent years studying all around the world, including living in India. When I returned I found Pilates, my true calling. I spent two years completing my diploma in Pilates with Polestar Education. My passion for Pilates lead me to further studies including courses in;

Pilates for Backache

Neural Mobilization in Pilates ambient

Advanced Circuit of Pilates

Pilates for Cervicobrachialgia

Pilates for Osteoporosis and Elderly.

Get Up! Standing Challenges with Pilates

Core Align Method

I have been a Pilates instructor for over 18 years now and love it more than ever, my experience has taught me how to read peoples bodies, which is why at Move Om we only offer semi private classes. This allows me to do what I do best, and tailor each session to my client’s needs. I would love the opportunity to share my love and experience of Pilates and Yoga with you.

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My Pilates journey started with a knee injury I had in 2018. After a couple weeks of Clinical Pilates sessions and exercises at home given by my physio I was walking normal again and without pain! 


I was so amazed with the rapidly recover that I didn’t want do anything else.

I changed my fitness training and after a year doing Pilates group classes I decided I wanted more. I done my Cert IV in Mat and Reformer Pilates with Breathe Education and last year I started studying Diploma in Clinical Pilates. 


My goal is to help people to find happiness and good health through exercise. Besides Pilates I’m passionate about photography, beaches, travel, food, holistic therapies and anything to do with art, music and movement.

Pilates Instructor

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I am a movement lover and I started my Pilates journey 10 years ago back in Brazil. I have a degree in Physiotherapy and I have done different courses to provide to my clients the best classes - Pilates with equipment, Mat Pilates, Neopilates (using circus equipment), Acroyoga, all of them applied to injured people as well.


Also, I am a Low Pressure Fitness International Certified, experienced with abdominal and pelvic floor recovery. 

I love helping people and specially women to achieve the best version of themselves.

Pilates / LPF Instructor


How would you like to Move Om?

Intro offer $99
6 classes over 2 weeks
Casual Class $45
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Yoga $110
Pilates $110
Group Classes $150
Price shared between group participants. 
10 Private Sessions $990
Joy 1x / Week $38 / Class

Bliss 2x / Week $35 / Class

Love 3x / Week $30 / Class
Class Pack.png
Flexi 5 pack $210
5 classes - valid for 3 months

Flexi 10 pack $400
10 classes - valid for 6 months

Flexi 20 pack $700

20 classes - valid for 12 months

The best Gift is the gift of wellness! Our SELF-LOVE Gift card is perfect for any occasion and everyone deserves it!


Self-Love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Share it with your loved ones!